Business & Office Drinking Water Systems

Business & Office drinking water solutions should be low maintenance, low cost, and service oriented. At Idaho Water Solutions our goals are to give our business customers pure, affordable, and maintenance free systems for their drinking water.

Most of our office drinking water systems are what we call Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis Filtered Drinking Water Coolers. We do not use bottles because they are less sanitary, higher maintenance, higher cost, greater liability, require more storage for bottles, as well as cooling and heating time between bottle changes.

Here’s an example:



Tri-Tempurature Setting (Hot, Cold and Ambient)

The Odyssey Beta incorporates a Tri-Temperature setting that enables the user to select the temperature of water from hot, cold or ambient. Whether it be a hot cup of tea in the winter time or a fresh cup of cold water during the heat of the summer, the Odyssey Beta can deliver the purified water of your heart’s desire.

Large Daily Purified Water Capacity

The Odyssey Beta redefines holding capacity for the industry. At any given time the storage tanks will hold 6 gallons of water. The Odyssey Beta will produce up to 80 gallons of water per day, ranking its production among the industry leaders. Finally, convenience and capacity unite!

Irresistible Design

With a viable digital interface alongside a sturdy design, the Odyssey Beta is as irresistible as it gets. The flow of water from the unit can be accessed by way of the traditional levers, or by simply pressing the button assigned to the hot, cold or ambient water temperatures. This easy to use feature adds to the already stellar achievements of this amazing water purifier. Whether it be placed in a home or office, the Odyssey Beta is sure to complete any environment.

We can also treat an entire office water system. Here’s an example:

Advanced Purified via Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis is recognized as the worldwide industry standard for the most effective method of water purification.

  • N.W.P.W. prevents water in the storage tank from becoming stagnant, allowing the user to enjoy fresh water every day.
  • A.F.V. flushes out substances from the surface of the membrane before and after each purification cycle, extending the life of the membrane and consistently providing better purification.

Sediment Filter 1. Sediment Filter

The Sediment Filter removes particles and pollutants that are over 5 um from the water. This helps to extend the life of the membrane filter.

Pre-Carbon Filter 2. Pre-Carbon Filter

The Pre-Carbon filter, made from high temperature processed carbon, collects chlorine, THMs and organic chemical contaminants through an absorption process. This protects the membrane helps it function properly.

Membrane Filter 3. Membrane Filter

The Membrane Filter removes dissolved pollutants (with a molecular weight over 200, such as heavy metals, bacteria and chemical contaminants) via micro-filtration through a semi-permeable membrane (0.0001um pore).

Post-Carbon Filter 4. Post-Carbon Filter

The Post-Carbon filter removes dissolved gases and odors to ensure a natural tasting water.

Recommended Filter Exchange Schedule

6 months
12 months
18 months
24 months

Here’s an example diagram of whole office-business water filter system:

Filter Chart

No matter what your office-business drinking water needs are, we can provide you with a quality, most affordable & dependable solution.

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